A personal assistant to reduce the burden of chronic heart failure

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Who is Linda ?

Linda is a silent, non-invasive personal assistant that operates alongside the chronic heart failure patient 24h/Day. She engages the patient in the therapeutic process by providing daily reminders and early notifications of possible medical complications. Linda passively collects and analyzes user health data helping the physician.

The Team

The multidisciplinarity of our team is an essential asset. We believe that the value of our project lies in the combination of our medical and technological knowledge.

Team Blogs

Lorenzo Bernaschina

Software Engineer at Cefriel - Politecnico di Milano

WWDC17-18 Scholarship Recipient

Team Blogs

Andriy Melnyk

Medical student at the University of Padua

Visiting student at the Oncological Institute of Veneto (IOV)

Team Blogs

Andrea Agostini

M.Sc. Student in CS and engineering at Politecnico di Milano

Research activity at the National University of Singapore on a smartwatchbased system for acute medical settings.

Scientific Papers

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